Charlottesville VA Concrete Repair Services

We provide industrial and facilities repairs including concrete resurfacing, trip hazard removal, pump refurbishment and more. Call 804-457-2400.

Epoxy Floor Coatings & Sealers

Epoxy Floor CoatingFrom heavy-duty industrial systems to decorative commercial wall and flooring systems that include epoxy and urethane coatings, self-leveling systems, 1⁄4” power trowel systems, and chemical resistant secondary containment systems, we offer a wide variety of epoxy coatings and sealers in Bumpass, VA.

Concrete Repair

Do you need concrete repairs? We provide repairs to concrete for jobs small and large. We can also apply a top coat system that will enhance and protect by providing an added layer against some of the most aggressive chemicals and abrasion. Whether you need concrete repair on steps, warehouse floors, ramps, loading or parking decks, call today.

Concrete Resurfacing & Protection

Prolong the life of your interior and exterior surfaces with concrete resurfacing and protection. At Lane Technology, Inc., we can transform your concrete floors into a uniform slip-resistant surface available in a wide variety of colors.

Trip Hazard Removal

When concrete sidewalks age, they become uneven and unsafe. Our experienced team can grind down the hazardous surface and provide a uniform look.

Crack Fill & Edge Repair

Concrete Crack FillIf you need crack filling and edge repairs, depend on Lane Technology, Inc. for prompt and quality services every time. We understand that attention to small details can make a big difference.

Steel Repair & Corrosion Control

We offer corrosion protection coatings for external steel structures, steel decks, metal roofs, pipes, machinery, and walkways. Contact us today to learn more!

Chillers, Heat Exchangers & Condensers

Our smooth, low friction coatings to the metal surfaces of cooling systems repairs imperfections and resists water born material adhesion. We can repair damage to tube sheets, condenser plates, and covers.

Pump Refurbishment & Efficiency Enhancements

At Lane Technology, Inc., we serve Charlottesville, Goochland, Chesterfield, Bumpass, VA and surrounding areas with pump refurbishing and efficiency improvements. We provide ceramic enhanced coatings that offer protection against wear while providing superior efficiency with low friction surfaces that enhance fluid movement. Call us today!

Caulking & Caulk Repair

Depend on Lane Technology, Inc. for caulking services for shower joints, sidewalk joints, pre-cast panels, doors, windows, control joints and more!

Ceramic Tile Restoration Systems

We install ceramic tile restorations systems which are resistant to mold and bacteria, easy to clean and maintain, slip resistant and provide added impact resistance.

Tanks, Process Vessels & Surrounding Area

Condenser WorkIf your tanks or process vessels are eroded and corroded, we offer solutions to repair them. We provide lining repairs, tank base and wall repairs, steel support reconditioning and much more.

Secondary Containment Repair & Protection

At Lane Technology, Inc., we also offer secondary containment repair and protection services. By using a combination of epoxy mortars and chemical resistant coatings, we will ensure your material stays in its place.

Roof Coating & Repair

Do you need roof coating application or repair? Our professionals offer a full line of products to ensure the job is watertight. Products and services include EPDM roofs, metal, weathered aluminum and copper, PVC sheet, fiberglass, acrylic sheet, concrete and more.

Duct Insulation Water Proofing & Coating

Duct waterproofing and coating keeps water out and maintains the integrity of the insulation. Call us today to learn how we can help you at 804-457-2400.

Line & Crossing Work

Whether you need forklift traffic or line work, call our experts. We provide durable, slip-resistant line work where needed. Check out our gallery for line and crossing work examples.

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